Regálame tus ojos

Escrito en algún punto entre marzo o abril de 2010

Yesterday I saw all the love in the world in a pair of eyes.
   When talking about it I don't know how I can be so strong. I just simply say it. I look at them in the eye and pronounce the words. Totally cold. I guess I don't want them to know I'm sad. I don't want them to know I'm not prepared. I don't want to see who I really am. I don't want them to see me cry.
   Yesterday, when I touched your cold hand I felt something breaking inside. It was my heart, your heart. A heart that took you inside since the day I was born. A heart that loved you for who you were, a heart full of jokes and laughter to make you smile. A heart that even when you didn't speak (as you were used to) understood you a heart that was completely yours on weekends.
   That same heart is breaking. Little by little. It's breaking when I see you suffer. It's breaking 'coz I know you're leaving. 
   And when I look into your green eyes I see deep inside... What are you waiting for? Please, just leave. Please just take him. I can't stand to see him suffer. He is, was and will always be the best man I've known. So please, just take him. I know I'll see him again sometime. So please, just take him. 
   And you, just promise me that you'll come, all dressed in white. You'll kiss me in my dreams and tell me you're just fine. You'll be my little angel in the sky. 
   Yesterday, when I touched your hand I felt something breaking inside. It was my heart, your heart. I kissed your old, I felt it so cold. I told you "I love you" and couldn't help it if I tried; I cried, 'coz I looked into ypur green eyes and I saw it deep inside. You're just waiting, ready, and just waiting. I could see how much you loved me. 
   Recuerdo que siempre te dije que me regalaras tus ojos. You pretended you took your beautiful green eyes out and you gave them to me. So, before you leave, all I want is your green eyes. Like here, like now, looking at me, and showing me ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD. 
   Can you really have all the love in a pair of eyes? I don't know, but yesterday I felt it, I saw it... I SAW ALL THE LOVE IN A PAIR OF GREEN AYES. 

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Lord Rufine dijo...

Indeed: "Used to see all the love in a pair of green eyes..." Love you.